rules of publication and policy of evaluation

Proposals must be submitted according to the APA international style (American Psychological Association). Instructions on this format are available here.

Please respect the indicated deadline.

The articles should be anonymous and follow the template’s instructions. A short abstract (in English) and maximum five keywords must be included as showed on the template. Authors need to ensure that their manuscript does not give away in any way their identity (Please don’t use formulas as “I’ve already said this in….”, “As I already wrote in my book…”).

Please provide also (in a separated document or in the email body) your complete names and academic affiliation with which you wish to be identified. Authors may also include their email address if they agree to be contacted by readers.

This journal has a double-blind peer review policy. Once received, the anonymous contributions will be sent to at least two anonymous referees for the review. In any case the results of the evaluation will be notified to the authors.

Length : between 20,000 and 50,000 digits (spaces included)

Languages admitted: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

Abstract : 1,500 digits

No processing/submission charges are requested.

See our Code of Ethics.