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CFP: Gilbert Simondon and Raymond Ruyer – Special Issue of Deleuze Studies (10.1, spring 2016)

Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995) was a philosopher who drew upon a wide variety of resources and thinkers to construct a philosophy of transcendental empiricism. It is becoming well known that Deleuze found inspiration in the work of his contemporaries Gilbert Simondon (1924-1989) and Raymond Ruyer (1902-1987). References to both thinkers are scattered throughout Deleuze’s work and traces of their philosophy remain in many of his texts. Simondon’s philosophies of ‘individuation’ and ‘ontogenesis’ and Ruyer’s philosophies of ‘psycho-biology’ and ‘neo-finalism’

can arguably be said to have influenced Deleuze as much as some of his more well-known influences (Spinoza, Bergson, Nietzsche). In many ways, the work of Simondon and Ruyer reflected contemporary philosophical interests for Deleuze (information, communication, technology). This special issue of Deleuze Studies (10.1, spring 2016) seeks to engage the work of Deleuze, Simondon, and Ruyer by either providing an in-depth look at one of their philosophies or examining the relationships between them. The aim is to formally introduce Simondon and Ruyer to the field of Deleuze studies and philosophy more broadly construed. Interested parties are asked to submit a 500 word abstract to Andrew Iliadis viagra sans ordonnance at by midnight on Monday January 12 2015. Successful abstract submissions will be accepted by Monday January 19 2015 and asked to submit a final paper (7,000 – 10,000 words) by midnight on Saturday June 13 2015. Date of publication will be spring 2016 (10.1).

Suggested topics:

Deleuze and Simondon
Deleuze and Ruyer
Ruyer and Simondon
French Legacies in Continental Philosophy
Ruyer’s Philosophy of Biology
The Preindividual
Simondon’s Philosophy of Technology
Simondon and/or Ruyer’s Philosophy of Information
Simondon and/or Ruyer on Cybernetics

Abstract: 500 words, due Monday January 12 2015 by midnight.

Letters of Acceptance: Monday January 19 2015.

Final Paper Deadline: 7,000 – 10,000 words, due Saturday June 13 2015 by midnight.

Submit abstracts and papers to Andrew Iliadis:

To be published in Deleuze Studies special issue 10.1 (spring 2016).

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